This is the official site of National Cancer Registry Program of Egypt (NCRPE). NCRPE was set in 2007 as a protocol of cooperation between the Ministries of Health, Higher Education and Communication and Information Technology. The registry started active data collection of cancer for the whole population of Aswan governorate, the most Southern governorate of Egypt, since January 2008 as the initial phase of the registration program. 

As from January 2009, active data collection covered the whole population of Menia in the middle of Upper Egypt, Behira near the coastal governorate of Alexandria, and Damietta in the northern part of Nile Delta, as the second phase of the program. The already existent registry of Gharbiah governorate in the middle of the Nile delta was included in the National Cancer Registry.

The information we currently collect from the governorates cover patients' demographics and cancer characteristics. Once the program is fully operational in these governorates,  management, treatment and follow up data will be added to the dataset. The information we collect is available for researchers, planners and decision makers. Results of Aswan governorate (2008) and Damietta governorate (2009) were printed. Results of 2009 for the other 4 governorates are scheduled for publication. We hope that these results will help in better understanding of the profile of cancer in Egypt that will ultimately be reflected on better care of cancer patients. 

Amal S. Ibrahim, MD, DrPH
Professor of Cancer Epidemiology,
National Cancer Institute, Cairo University
National Registry Program Director